2013: The year I resolve to get my projects done!

If there was something you could do to make your life easier, you would probably do it, right? That’s the position I’ve found myself in frequently this past year, and I’m frustrated that I haven’t made it a priority—to perform those tasks that will simplify my life, save me time, and protect my investments.

Now that the New Year is in full swing, I am resolving to accomplish a lot of things, three of which are automotive-related. First, I’m going to get those vehicle projects done that have not only been on the list for way too long, but are complicating my life.

The short list? Headlight restoration on the 1999 Honda Odyssey. I replaced the bulbs recently because they both blew out, but I’m not getting the full benefit of brighter bulbs because the lens covers are so cloudy. The fix for that is a fairly inexpensive headlight restoration kit. It’ll make my life easier, because I’ll be able to see further in the dark and my vehicle will look better in the daylight, too.

I’m also going to have new wiper blades installed. The new blades are way overdue and because of that, I can barely see when it rains or snows. Luckily I have Rain-X helping to compensate for my poor wipers.

Next, I’m going to keep better track of my vehicle manufacturer’s recommended car maintenance schedule, thereby better protecting my investment. I need to commit to a car maintenance checklist so I know exactly what my vehicles need and when they need it. Right now, I know off the top of my head that my 1999 Honda Odyssey needs a change of coolant, oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid, a new timing belt, new tires, and some other TLC that I’m sure I’m forgetting, in order to keep it running past the 200,000-mile mark it just hit. To help me accomplish the resolution listed above, I’m going to get some help in developing that car maintenance schedule.

The Advance Auto Parts site has a decent car maintenance schedule as well as a car maintenance checklist that I’m going to take advantage of this year since I’ve already proven previously that I can’t, or won’t track this without some help. This year, taking better care of my vehicles translates into taking better care of me—from both a safety and a sanity perspective—and I resolve to get it done. Happy 2013!

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Last updated April 25, 2019