Before You Tow

  • Consult your vehicle's owners manual to determine its maximum load limit

  • Ensure your trailer towing hitch is appropriate for the trailer being towed

  • Check tire pressure on the tow vehicle and the trailer

  • Ensure all lug nuts are tightened correctly and that your trailer bearings are properly greased and ready for use

  • After connecting the trailer wiring to the towing vehicle, check that all lights are working

  • Check the electric trailer brakes and control module, if applicable

  • Confirm that the trailer tongue is locked or latched securely on the towing hitch ball

  • Connect safety chains from the trailer to the tow vehicle

  • Adjust the mirrors so you are able to see:

  • The sides of the tow vehicle and trailer

  • The tires, in relation to the pavement lines

  • The vehicles behind and beside you

  • If you cannot see past the trailer, replace the mirrors

Driving Tips for While You're Towing

The most important driving safety tip to remember when trailer towing: having that trailer back there will tack on extra weight and length to your towing vehicle. Plus you'll discover a need for more time to speed up and, most importantly, to slow down. Just keep a cool head, make safe driving the top priority:

  • Use your mirrors constantly

  • Always reduce speed gradually

  • Keep a steady hand on the steering wheel

  • Gradually apply the trailer brakes to help reduce sway

  • Don't slam on the towing-vehicle brakes

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