Eric the Car Guy Replaces Sway Bar Links and Bushings

Eric the Car Guy is all about getting his hands dirty. Watch him go through the steps to replace sway bar links and bushings—also known as a stabilizer bar—and perform a suspension inspection. When you’re ready to dive into the project yourself, read on for a full parts list and a pro tip.


The parts you need to get the job done right

Download and print your own parts list to take to the store.



Additional Parts and Accessories

Mechanix Gloves
Extended Height Floor Jack
Jack Stands
Penetrating Lubricant
Pry Bar Set
Socket Set
Pro Tip:
Save time while the wheel is off. Check these suspension and driveline components:
  • Ball joints for cracks or looseness in the control arm
  • Tie rod ends for play
  • Shock absorbers for leaks, cracks, or gouges
  • Axle Shafts for anything broken or leaking
  • Wheel bearing for looseness or play
  • Brake calipers, pads, rotors and brake lines for wear and leaks