The Shocking Truth:

Having quality, working shocks and struts in place is integral to you and your family's safety on the road.

Here's why:

  • Steering – Worn-out shocks and struts can allow for extra body roll when turning, affecting your car's ability to steer safely around objects.

  • Stopping – If your shocks and struts are worn or damaged, your car will experience excessive weight transfer to the front wheels during braking.

  • Stability – You'll have more control over your car, avoiding excess roll, sway and bounce if your shocks and struts are in top working order.

Getting Started:

If your car is bouncing all over the road, or has endured another 50,000 milestone, it may indeed be time to change your shocks. Stay grounded, it's not too difficult to do and only requires just a few quality tools:

Types of Shocks:

  • Premium shocks or struts provide an enhanced riding and handling experience, and are often able to help compensate for wear occurring in other suspension and chassis components.

  • Standard shocks and struts are made to OE specs and offer solid solutions at an economical price.

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