With winter behind us, it's time to spring into action and get your car primed for the sunny weather ahead. Here at Advance Auto Parts, you can depend on our Spring car maintenance tips to help improve your car's performance and retain its easy-on-the-eyes appearance. Check out the projects in our seasonal maintenance plan—to help ensure many safe and easy miles ahead.

Your Spring Car Maintenance Projects

Project 1: Keep it clean

Maintaining your car's appearance is important
to its longevity—especially after a long winter..

Project 2: Maintain your brakes

Winter driving is tough on brakes. Ensure they stay
in top condition.

Project 3: Tough Winters Make for a Rough Ride

Get tips on shocks and struts maintenance—before you hit the road this season.

Project 4: Towing Tips

eed to have a trailer follow you around?
We've taken the guesswork out of it.

Project 5: Tune-up Time

Boost fuel efficiency and horsepower with these
simple maintenance steps.