Know the Signs

Don't ignore the following red flags—check them out as soon as possible at the first sign of any of these symptoms:

  • A high-pitched squeal when you brake — most pads come with a wear indicator that squeals when your pads need replacing

  • Pedal vibrating or pulsating under normal braking —it may indicate a warped car brake rotor

  • Car pulling to the right or left when braking — could be stuck caliper due to slide pin failure or cracked seal

  • While driving, the brake light on your dashboard suddenly goes on — it could signal that your brakes could be near total failure

  • Brakes that stick or grab — this may signify a failure to release

  • Adjust the mirrors so you are able to see:

What You'll Need to Change Your Brakes

Once you've removed the wheels, keep these quality tools close by and within reach:

Before starting, always ensure your car is parked on a level surface, with the emergency brake engaged.

Visit the Advance Auto Parts Brake Headquarters.

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  • Free battery check, installation with purchase and recycling

  • Free engine diagnostics

  • Free wiper installation with purchase

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