It's painful at the pump right now. But there are several easy things you can do right away—to maximize your mileage and save gas.

  Keep your tires inflated properly

Properly inflated tires are safer and can buy you up to 3% in improved fuel efficiency.†

  Change your oil regularly

Changing your motor oil on a regular basis will help reduce engine wear and save gas.

  Tune up your engine

An engine tune-up is key in getting better mileage and ensuring a smoother ride.

  Put a cap on it

A loose or worn gas cap can lead to excessive vaporization. Put your liquid gold on lockdown—
with a new locking cap.

  Consider a synthetic motor oil

Upgrade to synthetic motor oil to help reduce engine friction and promote greater fuel efficiency.

  Use fuel injector cleaner

Fuel injector cleaner helps boost fuel efficiency. Add to your maintenance routine every 3,000 miles,
or when you change your oil.

  Keep your O2 sensor in check

A new oxygen sensor can help improve mileage as much as 40%.† If your check-engine light comes on,
ask an Advance Team Member to run a free diagnostic test.**

  Drive sensibly

Aggressive driving wastes gas. It may also lower your gas mileage by 33% at highway speeds
and 5% around town.†

Watch this video for great tips on boosting your fuel economy:


†See for details. **Free services available on most automotive vehicles, most locations, unless prohibited by law.