What's inside SoundLock Plus Shims?

By The Advance Team

We don’t have to tell you how important brakes are to the safety of your customers. It’s also a safe bet that brake replacement is key to your shop’s daily business. Enter Wearever Platinum Brakes with SoundLock Plus Shims. After years of research and development, this new breed of brake utilizes cutting-edge ceramic technology, along with an innovative shim design that makes silent braking a reality—giving your shop customers extra satisfaction and peace of mind.

Just like standard brake shims, Wearever Platinum’s SoundLock Plus shims are located on the back of the brake pad and take on a variety of roles, including:

  • Providing a buffer zone between the pads and rotors
  • Aiding in the reduction of vibration on the brake pad for quieter operation
  • Functioning as a heat shield
  • Helping to eliminate brake dust

The 4-layer SoundLock Plus shims are composed of rubber, steel and adhesive. The adhesive layer not only locks the shim into place, it plays a large role in dampening noise levels while braking. SoundLock Plus shims also feature a premium, diamond-patterned rubber layer that locks in sound—further enhancing the quiet braking experience.

Combined with the other features of Wearever Platinum brakes, the multi-layer shim technology behind SoundLock Plus shims is key to promoting a better user performance and better business.

For more information on SoundLock Shims or Wearever Platinum Brakes, click here.