Vehicle maintenance checklist:

Get prepared for summer and winter driving.

Vehicle maintenance checklist: use this summer and winter preventative maintenance checklist to keep your vehicle for the road year round.

While there are four seasons, there are two seasons that put the toughest stress on your vehicle: summer and winter. However, it’s smart to use spring to get ready for summer driving and fall for winter driving.

So, let’s take a look at what you need to do. You can perform the majority of these tasks on your own with relative ease. And, remember, you can find the quality auto parts you need online for each vehicle maintenance checklist. Want to pick them up at one of our auto parts stores? Let us know when you shop online!

Winter preventative maintenance checklist:

  1. Apply quality car wax on your vehicle to help ward off the assault of rain, snow and road salt.
  2. Do an oil change. Be sure to use a multi-grade viscosity oil – see what your vehicle manufacturer recommends.
  3. Test your battery and replace it if necessary. Come to one of our auto parts stores and we’ll evaluate it for free.
  4. Get a new pair of wiper blades (you can buy ones designed for winter conditions) and fill up the windshield wiper fluid reserve.
  5. Take a look at your tires. If they don’t have sufficient depth, get a new set – you’ll need the best traction possible for dealing with treacherous roadway conditions, like snow and ice. For better traction and stopping distances, keep your tires at the correct inflation. Depending on where you live, you might want to invest in snow tires.
  6. Check your antifreeze level and condition, and change your antifreeze if necessary.
  7. Inspect your belts and hoses for signs of fraying or cracking. Replace them as needed as frigid temperatures punish worn rubber.
  8. See if a tune-up is warranted. Evaluate your spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor.
  9. Put together a winter emergency kit that includes items like blankets, flashlights, snacks, flares, jumper cables, first aid materials, ice scrapers and road salt or sand.

Summer vehicle maintenance checklist:

  1. Perform an oil change. Consider using a higher viscosity oil if in a mild climate or you may be towing a vehicle.
  2. Evaluate the condition of your belts and hoses. Replace those that have signs of fraying, cracks, swelling or leakage. Summer’s blistering heat will make these situations worse.
  3. Check your coolant level as well as its condition. Change your coolant if necessary.
  4. Test your battery. Summer can be harder on a battery than winter. Bring your battery to one of our auto parts stores for a free inspection.
  5. See how well your air conditioning system performs, and have it repaired if necessary.
  6. Assess your tires. If they appear worn, get a new set. If you had snow tires on, change them. Always make sure your tires are properly inflated to help ensure better performance, shorter braking distance and a longer tread life.

Have any questions about how to perform a vehicle maintenance checklist item? We can help.

Trust Advance Auto Parts to be your source of information about these preventative maintenance checklist tasks. You can learn what you need to know by:

  • Checking out our collection of auto repair videos
  • Reading these articles:
    • Summer driving safety tips
    • Winter driving safety tips
  • Talking to an associate at one of our auto parts stores


Again, you can do most of these preventative maintenance checklist items on your own – and we’re here to assist you if needed. Remember that taking some proactive measures now can save you from expensive repairs, frustration and possibly dangerous situations later.

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