Driving safety tips:

Create an accident prevention plan for your vehicle.

Driving safety tips: prepare for being an accident by reading these safe driving tips -- and putting together an accident prevention plan.

The chances of being in a traffic accident are greatly reduced by safe driving, being alert and obeying the law. However, there is still a chance that you will be in an accident.

Prepare for a potential accident each time you get into your vehicle by exercising certain safety precautions. Simple things like wearing your seat belts and properly securing any loose items will greatly enhance your chances of survival. Make sure child safety seats are properly installed (see the car booster seat information article).

A traffic accident is a dangerous and extremely traumatic experience. You should be as prepared as possible to deal with it. Practicing safe driving tips can help reduce your chances of being in an accident, but doing so can’t prevent you from ever being in one.

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Why you should have an accident prevention plan in place:

It is not certain that you will be in a traffic accident, but it is a possibility, no matter if you follow all the driving safety tips you’ve ever heard.

Being prepared for an accident will help minimize injuries and allow you to take action until help arrives. From wearing seat belts to properly packing the vehicle to having the proper items for a roadside emergency, you can make a potential traffic accident a safer and less traumatic situation.

What you will need for your accident prevention plan kit:

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for putting together an accident prevention plan kit:


How to be as ready as you can for an accident -- develop an accident prevention plan kit and follow these driving safety tips.

Being prepared for an accident is easy, and Advance Auto Parts has what you need.

  1. Always wear your seat belt: even with airbags, your chances of being injured skyrockets when you don’t wear seat belts.
  2. Secure any loose items: never let anything weighing more than one pound go unsecured while the vehicle is moving. Cargo straps, bungee cords and nets work well.
  3. In a crash, pay attention to traffic behind you. If you’re about to be hit from behind, brace yourself for the impact. Lean your head back against the headrest to help avoid whiplash.
  4. Calling 911 for emergency help immediately may save a life. In emergency situations every second can be critical.
  5. Safety flares or reflectors let other drivers know that something has happened. Put two flares or reflectors the width of the lane at least 200 feet behind the accident site.
  6. A small first aid kit does not take up much room and will help in the event of minor injuries. Include a flashlight with safety flashers too.
  7. It might be cold when the accident happens. Carry a blanket and jacket in the vehicle.
  8. Keep a disposable camera and your proof of insurance card in the glove box. Carefully photograph as many angles and details of the crash site as possible.

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