Vehicle maintenance checklist:

Complete this for a safer, smoother trip.

Pre-trip maintenance checklist: complete this preventative maintenance checklist before you leave on a trip to help prevent problems.

The success of your next trip can depend upon what you do before you leave your driveway.

After all, a long trip puts a lot of miles on your car. You may also face temperature extremes, congested traffic and unexpected detours. These are all things that can place unusual stress on your vehicle, not to mention your passengers.

So, why not take a little time now for some proactive measures? Dealing with car trouble when you’re hundreds or even thousands of miles from home can be expensive, frustrating, intimidating and time-consuming. And while completing this vehicle maintenance checklist doesn’t guarantee a trouble-free journey, it sure enhances your chances.

Pre-trip vehicle maintenance checklist and vacation safety tips: be pro-active and use quality auto parts when doing any pre-trip repairs!

  1. Check the tire tread depth, and look for danger signs of sidewall cracking or uneven wear. Don’t take a chance with worn or damaged tires on a long trip.
  2. Test your battery. Bring it by any of our auto parts stores and we’ll test it for free.
  3. Inspect your hoses and belts for leaks, cracks, softness or swelling. Replace as necessary.
  4. Take a look at your coolant level as well as its condition. If necessary, add coolant or do a flush-and-fill.
  5. Evaluate the condition of your windshield wiper blades, and replace them if they’re worn.
  6. Change your oil and filter if you’ve driven more than 3,000 miles or so since your last change.
  7. Make sure your air conditioning system runs efficiently.
  8. Ensure that your lights (interior and exterior) work properly.
  9. Clean all the windows (especially the front and rear windshields) on your vehicle, as well as your headlights and taillights.
  10. Keep a supply of basic hand tools in your car, along with jacks, jumper cables, flares and other emergency-related items.

You can find the quality auto parts and other items you need to finish your list at Advance Auto Parts.

Done with your pre-trip preventative maintenance checklist? Here are more vacation safety tips for added precaution and a smoother trip.

Ready to go? Follow these vacation safety tips, travel safely and enjoy your trip!

Trust Advance Auto Parts for the quality auto parts you need for a safe journey.