Car exhaust systems:

Upgrading your auto exhaust can lead to more power.

Enhancements for car exhaust systems: why you should upgrade your auto exhaust system -- and how to do it by yourself.
If you need a reason for a cat-back exhaust, how about the sweet sound your machine will make with a high-performance exhaust system.

Thanks to advancements in muffler design, you can now choose what kind of sound you prefer and even how loud it is. Most late model cars have a bolt-on exhaust system after the catalytic converters, so installing a new system that's engineered for your specific vehicle couldn't be easier. Many manufacturers now offer custom outlets, so you can choose one that matches your ride's exterior.

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Car exhaust systems: Are they worth the upgrade?

Most factory mufflers are designed to be very quiet and nonintrusive inside the vehicle. The average car buyer doesn't want to hear the auto exhaust or feel it inside the cabin.

As such, original equipment (OE) car exhaust systems tend to be muffled and restricted. This reduces the engine's ability to make more power.

Replacing auto exhaust systems -- what you’ll need:

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for upgrading a car exhaust system:

Estimated time required - 1 -2 Hours

Discover how to upgrade your auto exhaust system. Save money by doing it yourself.

A free-flowing car exhaust helps other bolt-on upgrades, such as a cold air intake, perform better. More air in equals more exhaust out, sending more power to the wheels.

  1. Here's the stock exhaust. Stock car exhaust systems tend to be heavy and restrictive with relatively small outlets.
  2. Here's a comparison between a traditional stock exhaust (lower) and the aftermarket performance exhaust. Typically, this is a direct bolt-on replacement.
  3. With the old exhaust out, simply slide the new one in place. Reattach the hangers. Sometimes these can be stubborn, so a shot of light lubricant might be needed.
  4. Tighten the attachment bolts evenly to ensure a good seal. If you find any rusted or rounded bolt heads, they should be cleaned up or replaced.

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