Teen driver safe driving tips:

Help protect your teenager with these tips.

Teen driver safe driving tips: is your teen ready for the road?

To address parents' teen safety driving concerns, Chrysler has joined forces with national safety organizations to develop a research-based teen driving safety initiative, called Road Ready Teens.

"The research behind the Road Ready Teens guidelines has been shown to reduce crash risk by nearly one-third," said Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chrysler Group president and CEO. "Nine out of ten parents say they would put a home-based teen driving safety program into practice. Road Ready Teens will make parents aware of the nature of the risks and give them the knowledge and tools to better protect their families."

Although Advance Auto Parts can’t force your teenager driver to be more safety-minded, we can provide you the quality auto parts needed to make your car as safe and reliable as possible. Between that and applying these safe driving tips, you’ll enhance the protection of your child.

Teen driver accountability: check out these statistics for more proof about why you should prepare your teenager for the road.

Government figures show nearly 5,000 teenagers ages 16 to 19 are killed and another 300,000 are injured each year in traffic accidents, eclipsing any other cause of death by a wide margin. Furthermore, parents overwhelmingly said they know their teen drivers engage in unsafe driving behavior. While teen driver accountability is important, as a parent you must be proactive and do what it takes to increase the security of your child.

Use these helpful safe driving tips to make your teen driver more prepared.

Consider implementing 3 basic driver skill levels as your teen’s driving experience develops.

Road Ready Teens Program Stages:

  1. During the learner's permit level, parents are encouraged to make a teen complete a certified driver's education course and an additional 30 to 50 hours of supervised driving before getting a license.
  2. The New Driver level lasts at least six months and is encouraged until age 18. During that period, parents should limit unsupervised driving after 10 p.m. and limit the number of teenage passengers to no more than one.
  3. Unrestricted driving privileges are normally granted in the Full Driver level. However, if the teen is still under 18, parents should closely monitor driving habits and restrict privileges if unsafe driving is observed.

A key component of Road Ready Teens is Chrysler's sponsorship of MADD's new multi-media show on underage drinking prevention and driving safety -- another facet of teen driver accountability. It will visit more than 2,000 high schools and reach more than two million teenagers in the first year alone.

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