Synthetic motor oil vs. regular oil:

which is best for your vehicle?

Conventional mineral-based motor oil comes from crude oil pumped out of the ground. This oil is then refined to meet the needs of your engine.
Synthetic oil is manufactured molecule by molecule. Both oils will work fine in your vehicle as long as they meet current American Petroleum Institute (API) certification. Synthetic oil can bring you increased engine life and longer service intervals, as well as improved performance.
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Why you should consider the switch to synthetic oil:
Is synthetic oil right for you?
In general, synthetic oil outperforms conventional oil on all counts. It works much better in extreme temperatures from below freezing to above 100 degrees F. Synthetics will also deliver more fuel economy and performance.
Advance Auto Parts is here to help you decide if you really need to make the switch.
Synthetic motor oil vs. regular oil - what you'll need to make the right decision:

  • Know your vehicle's oil capacity
  • Know your vehicle's API requirement
  • Know your vehicle's required oil viscosity

Synthetic motor oil do-it-yourself difficulty guide:

Estimated time required - 10 minutes

How to decide on synthetic motor oil vs. regular oil. Make the choice yourself.

The only type of engine you should never use synthetic oil in is a rotary. Rotary engines have unique seals that are engineered for use with conventional oil only.

  1. Synthetic motor oil can provide a longer service life between changes. Remember: warranty service mileage intervals must be met regardless of oil used.
  2. Not all synthetic motor oils are created equal. Semi-synthetic blends are not fully synthetic. They combine conventional oil with synthetic additives.
  3. Fully synthetic motor oils are now factory fill in the engines of Chevrolet Corvettes, Porsches, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Dodge Vipers, the Ford Mustang Cobra R and all Aston Martins.
  4. Fully synthetic motor oils have superior lubrication properties both at start-up and high operating temperatures. This superiority can actually result in improved mileage and performance, and longer engine life.
  5. Synthetic motor oils may not be approved for use in certain diesel engines. Check your owner's manual and API certification requirements.
  6. Some new vehicles require use of synthetics. Always use oil that meets or exceeds the API requirements for your engine.


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