SUV upgrades:

Here's how to use SUV accessories to customize your vehicle.

SUV upgrades: discover how to add a personal touch with SUV accessories.

Nothing is more satisfying than personalizing your vehicle and having it turn out the way you wanted.

Plan all of your modifications ahead so that your vehicle has a cohesive theme. A good place to start is with custom SUV wheels and tires. Upgrading to Plus One and Plus Two sizes can have a dramatic effect. SUV wheels with large open areas expose the brake calipers.

A cheap but effective modification is to detail them with special brake caliper paint. Bolt-on custom grilles and tubular accessories such as brush guards and side steps are quick and effective changes. Don't forget the exhaust system. It's both an appearance and performance enhancement.

Advance Auto Parts specializes in custom SUV accessories. If we don't have what you need for your SUV upgrades, we can order it for you. And remember that we carry a full line of quality auto parts for your SUV maintenance jobs.

Why SUV upgrades have become so popular -- and why you should consider customizing your vehicle.

SUVs are more popular than ever. They fit today's active lifestyles and combine utility with comfort and style. There's a billion dollar industry producing SUV accessories and parts to customize these vehicles.

Personalizing your SUV is easy, fun and affordable. Pick a style -- off-road, high performance, extreme elegance or create your own. Just do it!

SUV upgrades: how to customize your vehicle on your own and save:

You can personalize your SUV all at once, or make one modification at a time. Plan all of the modifications first so the end result will meet your expectations.

  1. SUV wheels and tires can dramatically change the appearance of your vehicle. They require no modifications and provide immediate gratification. Take into account future lowering or lift kits.
  2. Custom grilles are affordable, easy to install and make a big difference in the way your SUV looks. This custom change offers a lot of bang for the buck.
  3. There are several pin-striping and stick-on graphics packages available. They create a strong visual impact but can be tricky to apply. Window tint shops can help with the installation.
  4. If you want the rugged off-road look, bull-bars, tube steps and brush guards for the lights are good additions. Consider a light bar with auxiliary lights on the roof too.
  5. Your SUV's performance image can be enhanced with custom exhaust tips or a cat back exhaust system.
  6. Lowering and lift kits make a dramatic difference in how your vehicle looks. Making these changes is a big job for the experienced do-it yourselfer, professionals or experienced mechanics.
  7. Bolt-on body kits offer a radical change in appearance, but most require painting. Your local body shop will be able to match your vehicle's paint.

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