SUV safety:

Read these vital driving safety tips for SUV drivers or owners.

SUV safety: do you own a SUV? Then read these important driving safety tips.

SUVs weigh more than traditional passenger vehicles. Often that gives you a false sense of security -- you begin to feel invincible with all that metal around you.

Due to their high center of gravity, SUVs require different driving techniques than cars, such as more braking distance, smooth steering wheel motion and slower cornering speeds. Becoming a smoother driver will help maintain vehicle control, especially in wet and slippery conditions. It’s often an over-reaction to an emergency, such as a tire blowout that spells disaster.

For that reason, it is important that you check your tire pressure every week. Advance Auto Parts carries several styles of tire pressure gauges to help you maintain a safe vehicle. Plus, we carry a large selection of quality auto parts for your SUV maintenance jobs.

Why you should develop special SUV driving skills and understand your SUV safety features:

Due to their growing popularity, SUVs have replaced the family sedan and mini-van as the primary source of family transportation. While they seem perfect for the task, safety has become a big question.

Rollover crashes account for a large number of fatalities, many of which are preventable. Statistics show that 72% of the occupants of SUVs who die in rollover crashes are not wearing safety belts. Also, SUVs have different handling characteristics than cars and demand special driving techniques. That’s why it’s critical to become familiar with the SUV safety features included in your vehicle.

SUV safety is a must. Use these driving safety tips to help keep your vehicle under control.

One of the biggest causes of SUV rollovers is a flat tire caused by under-inflation, and the SUV’s high center of gravity. Check your tire pressure weekly. Also, follow these driving safety tips:

  1. Familiarize yourself with your SUV's performance. Practice driving in an empty parking lot while the pavement is slick.
  2. Confirm that you have anti-lock brakes. When stopping quickly with anti-lock brakes, maintain firm and constant pressure on the pedal.
  3. Check that your vehicle's mirrors minimize all of your blind spots. Train yourself to routinely check them. Add convex mirrors to eliminate blind spots.
  4. Give yourself more room to pass in your SUV than you would in a car. You need more time to accelerate and decelerate in your SUV.
  5. Allow greater distance behind the vehicle in front of you, to allow for more braking distance necessary for a heavier vehicle.
  6. Obey the speed limits. Speeding was a factor in 30 percent of all fatal crashes in 2001.
  7. Make sure that everyone has a seat belt. SUVs have large window openings that more easily eject passengers in rollovers.
  8. Always secure loose objects inside your SUV. In a crash or even a quick stop, they can become lethal projectiles.

For greater SUV safety, come to Advance Auto Parts for the quality auto parts needed to keep your vehicle in top shape.