Smart signs:

This new type of smart sign can boost road traffic safety.

Smart signs: discover more about a new type of smart sign that promises to increase road traffic safety.

Smart road signs and in-vehicle warning alerts are being developed by the Department of Transportation. Proactive smart signs linked to sensors that detect when a vehicle is likely to run a stop sign or stoplight, or when there is insufficient room to merge or stop, will help alert a driver to potential crash situations while there is still time to avoid or prevent an accident.

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These new "active" road or smart signs will be strategically placed at locations where accidents frequently occur.

Many accidents happen at intersections when someone fails to stop or yield the right of way. Drivers often fail to notice the cross traffic, stop signs or red lights due to distractions, such as cell phones or maps.

Now, new smart signs are being developed to help alert a driver’s attention to potential accident situations and thereby increase road traffic safety.

How to understand these smart signs and take preventative action:

  1. New flashing stop signs will warn when a driver approaches an intersection too quickly.
  2. Flashing red lights will warn when approaching cross traffic is not responding to a red light.
  3. Red lights will flash on stop signs when there is insufficient time or room for a new vehicle to enter a roadway in rural areas.
  4. A no turn sign will illuminate when a vehicle approaches an intersection going too fast to safely negotiate a turn.
  5. Big trucks will be fitted with sensors to warn when following too closely or when a vehicle is stopped in the road ahead.
  6. Trucks may be fitted with GPS tracking systems to warn the driver when they are approaching an accident location ahead.
  7. Signals are being tested to flash at rates more likely to attract a driver’s attention.

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