Car air filters:

Discover how to easily change an auto air filter yourself.

Car air filters: why you should change your auto air filter – and how to do it yourself!

It’s important to regularly change car air filters. That’s especially true for today’s engines.

Without proper airflow and correct fuel delivery, your engine performance and mileage will suffer. Vehicles used for severe duty may require more frequent filter service. A switch to washable-type performance auto air filters can save you money and bring better performance.

Increased horsepower may be an air filter swap away. Advance Auto Parts has an extensive line of quality auto parts, including both replacement and performance auto air filters. If we don’t have your type in stock, we can get it for you.

Here’s why you should check your auto air filter every six months.

Your engine is an air pump. The incoming air is mixed with fuel and set afire to make power. More air, more fuel, more power.

Your auto air filter is what keeps the incoming air clean. Without it, your engine would suck in more dirt and contaminate the engine. Over time, dirt clogs the filter, and your engine can’t breathe.

Poor performance and reduced fuel economy can be the result of dirty auto air filters. Dirty air equals a dirty engine.

What you will need to change your automotive air filter:

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for changing car air filters:


Estimated time required - 15 - 30 Minutes

How to change car air filters: do it yourself & save!

Every air intake system is slightly different. Don’t attempt to force off tubes or air boxes. Check to see if all fasteners are removed first. Parts should come apart easily.

  1. Note: Here is both a stock 2 and performance replacement auto air filter. Performance car air filters flow better than stock and can be repeatedly washed, cleaned and reused.
  2. Note: The filter on the right has only 5000 miles of use. Dirt trapped in the paper element limits proper engine airflow, and can hurt engine performance.
  3. Locate the air intake on your engine. Unfasten all clamps, clips, fasteners, hold-downs and hoses. Consult your owner’s manual.
  4. Carefully remove the air box cover and air filter.
  5. Make sure the air box is free of dirt and debris.
  6. Fit the new air filter in the air box, and reinstall any fasteners and hoses previously removed. You’re done!

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