Exhaust headers

Why it's important to replace exhaust headers – and how to perform this task on your own

Advance Auto Parts carries the best exhaust headers for a wide variety of vehicles. These headers improve performance by providing a less restrictive path for exhaust gases. This releases additional power for the vehicle. More efficient exhaust gas flow can also help improve fuel economy. Headers are especially effective when other air flow enhancements have been added, such as a cool air intake system.

Remember that any performance modification you make to your vehicle may require relocation of stock components. Check your warranty contract before the project to be sure that the modification will not void it.

How an exhaust header can improve performance:

An exhaust header can improve the output efficiency of an engine for increased performance.

Factory cast iron exhaust manifolds are often restrictive. The easier air can flow into and out of the engine, the less work the engine has to do to pump the air and the more power that's available to move the vehicle. Headers offer smooth larger diameter passages for improved exhaust flow.

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Installing an exhaust header; here's what you'll need for the job:

Jack / 2 jack stands or ramps
• Ratchet, extensions, sockets, breaker bar
Possibly special 6-pt or 12-pt sockets or Allen wrenches and a spark plug wrench
• Anti-seize compound
• Masking tape
Torque wrench
• Penetrating oil


Exhaust header do-it-yourself difficulty level:



How to install performance headers: do it yourself & save!

Many performance headers use special small head bolts that require special six-sided sockets, twelve-sided sockets or Allen-head tools. Always use jack stands to safely support the vehicle when working underneath it.

  1. Removing the stock exhaust manifolds may require removing the spark plugs or unbolting the steering shaft or other components to get sufficient clearance room.
  2. After removing the stock manifolds, clean off the head surface so the new gasket can provide a tight seal.
  3. Coat the new header's bolt threads with anti-seize compound. This is especially important if the cylinder head is aluminum.
  4. Use strips of masking tape to hold the new gasket in place on the exhaust header. Do not cover any bolt holes.
  5. The new performance headers should slip into place where the stock manifolds were mounted. Install the header bolts and torque to the manufacturer's specifications. Connect the header to the exhaust system.


Reinstall the spark plugs or any other components that were removed for installation access.

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