Silence is Platinum

The Advance Team

Silence is platinum—especially where Wearever Platinum ceramic brake pads are concerned. Learn how our newest breakthrough in braking can boost your shop’s business, while boosting customer confidence in a number of different ways.

Introducing Wearever Platinum ceramic brake pads, exclusively at Advance Auto Parts Professional. Without a doubt, you've heard a lot about them lately. We created them to give shop owners a new and exciting way to reach a driving public that demands quality and safety.

Even more importantly, you've no doubt heard about how more and more shops are now making Wearever Platinum their first choice in ceramic brake pads. What is the main reason? It's the one-two punch delivery of superior stopping power and silent braking. We are confident it’s the big draw that is convincing customers to turn to Wearever Platinum brakes. As a result, they have become the overall best-performing ceramic brake pads in the market today. Right from the moment you open the box, you are fully prepared to offer your customers everything needed for a complete brake job—in addition to the ceramic brake pads, you also get lube, hardware and wear sensors where applicable.

What makes Wearever Platinum the quietest brakes in the market today? The strength lies in utilizing the latest technology:

  • Commercial-grade ceramic friction formula manufactured in strict accordance to OE specs
  • CleanestWheelTechnology, our new formula for superior dust reduction
  • Powder-coated backing plate that resists rust and delivers long life
  • Diamond-patterned premium rubber layer that locks in sound

Advance Auto Parts Professional is also committed to spreading the word. We will continue to do our part to let the public know of the value of these brakes through our aggressive marketing campaigns and various advertising avenues. As customers hear and see more about Wearever Platinum brakes, they are becoming naturally drawn to their advanced features and request them by name. In turn, your shop sees less returns and disappointing customer comebacks, while experiencing increased brake sales and more satisfied clients.

We are proud to offer the best brake pads around. But don’t take our word for it. Contact your CAM or click here for even more details, so you can judge for yourself.

†Performance data based on testing conducted between November 2011 and January 2012, by an independent, third-party testing laboratory utilizing the U.S. City Traffic Test for Noise and Wear.