Pet friendly travel:

Increase pet travel safety now by applying these tips.

Pet friendly travel tips: for pet friendly travel, treat your pets like children. Make sure they’re secure.

While some pets may be very well behaved in the car, others may jump around or distract the driver. It is possible to train a dog to behave in the car but, if his head is out the window and you stop short, all the training in the world won't save him.

The best solution to this pet travel dilemma is to provide your pet with a special harness or a carrying kennel, or have them behind a pet guard. For smaller pets, a kennel is probably the best option. Make sure the kennel isn't in a place where it can go flying through the air and crash into the back of the seat in front of it or potentially hurt someone else.

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Why pet restraints facilitate pet friendly travel:

Head out the window, air in his face -- dogs seem so happy in the car. While they may be happy, it is important for you to consider whether they are safe or not.

During the summer months when temperatures rise, there are also concerns about leaving pets in the car unattended. Luckily, there are a few simple pet travel tips that pet owners can use to ensure the safety and comfort of their traveling canine companion (and felines, too!).

Pet travel: how to secure pets in your vehicle the right way.

Restraints or harnesses are appropriate for medium to large-sized pets, and there are small restraints that can be used with seat belts for smaller pets.

For pet safety:

  1. Never let your pet sit in your lap or lay on the floor near your feet. They may impede your driving and cause an accident.
  2. Never allow your dog to ride in the back of a truck without a kennel that has been strapped down.
  3. Never allow your pet to ride with its head out the window. In a crash, it would get ejected from the vehicle.

For pet safety:

  1. Always secure your pet inside of the vehicle with a harness/seat belt or properly restrained kennel.
  2. Always secure the kennel so that it cannot fly forward in a panic stop. This is critical in hatchbacks and pickups.
  3. Always roll down the windows in hot weather and leave a bowl of water for your pet to drink.

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