Night driving safety tips:

Benefit from practical tips for driving at night.

Night driving safety tips: apply these tips for driving at night to increase your safety.

An old military adage says that the known enemy is preferable to the obscure one. After all, when you know what you're dealing with, you can formulate a plan for success.

The driving experience is similar: Obstacles and surprises are easy to avoid in broad daylight. On the flip side, the same hazards are not always easy to see at night.

Drivers should adapt their driving styles as conditions change. However, all of us, especially less experienced drivers, often make easily avoidable mistakes when driving at night.

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Night driving safety: why you should drive differently after the sun sets.

You can’t avoid what you can’t see, and research shows that you see much less as a night driver. Dim headlights and adverse weather conditions such as rain, fog and snow can cut your visibility by 50% or more. This means that you may have as little as 300 feet to react to a dangerous situation.

Replace your headlights with brighter bulbs (see the halogen headlights replacement article), and follow the tips for driving at night in this brochure.

Become a better night driver: read these tips for driving at night.

Prepare your vehicle by making sure that all lights are clean and operational and that headlights are aimed properly. Read more about how to aim headlights.

  1. Lights from oncoming vehicles can temporarily blind you. Look to the right side of the road to see where you are going. Use your peripheral vision to track oncoming traffic.
  2. Know how far you can see with both low and high beams. Adjust your night driving speed accordingly. Do not overdrive your braking distances.
  3. Adjust your rearview mirror to its night setting. Headlight glare from vehicles behind you is distracting. If the vehicle behind you has high-beams on, allow it to pass.
  4. If your vehicle breaks down at night, pull off the road as far as possible and turn on your emergency flashers. If you have reflectors or flares use them.

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