Miniature light bulbs:

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For your safety, make sure you get the right miniature bulbs for your car! On today’s crowded roads, communicating with your fellow drivers is essential to getting home safely. This difficult challenge makes having reliable, easy-to-see lights on your car more important than ever. For this reason, replacing failed car bulbs promptly is pivotal in avoiding roadway incidents.

What are miniature light bulbs?

Miniature auto light bulbs are used for every lighting need on your car, except headlights. Inside your car they are used to illuminate the dashboard, map lights and dome lights. Outside they serve two specific purposes: to let other drivers see you (taillights), and to let other drivers know your intentions (turn signals and brake lights).

Are miniature light bulbs hard to install?

Most miniature auto bulbs are very easy to install and require no tools. In fact, many late model cars have an access panel next to each auto bulb for easy replacement. In older cars, a screwdriver is generally the only tool required.

Why do auto bulbs fail?

The most common causes of bulb failure are severe weather and moisture, shock and vibration, and age. Wiring problems such as electrical shorts can also impact its life. Repeated auto bulb failure over a short period of time usually indicates a larger electrical problem.

Are all miniature light bulbs the same?

No. Miniature bulbs vary based on the number of filaments, operating temperature, base type, glass shape and size.

What is a filament in an auto bulb?

The filament is the part that heats up and glows, creating light in the process. Some auto light bulbs have only one filament, while others have two or three. Taillight bulbs, for example, often double as brake light bulbs, so a second filament is needed.

Why is the operating temperature of an auto bulb important?

All car bulbs have a specific temperature at which they are designed to operate. Installing a bulb with the improper operating temperature can have a negative impact on your car.

What are my options when buying replacement auto light bulbs?

Long life bulbs are more resilient and possess a filament designed to burn longer than ordinary replacement car bulbs. Sylvania SilverStar signal lights are a unique way to dress up your vehicle’s exterior. These bulbs appear blue through a clear headlight or taillight lens, but emit the required amber light when turned on.

Need some tips on finding the right miniature light bulbs to fit your car?

Start by removing the old bulb before buying the new one. Examining the bulb beforehand will give you an idea of what you’re looking for. It’s also a good idea to consult the application guide in front of the bulb section to find the correct part number.

When installing your new auto bulb, be sure to use dielectric gel. It will prevent corrosion, and enhance conduction.

How can I plan ahead for replacements of auto bulbs?

Keep a few extra in your car so you’re ready the next time you need one.

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