Tire chains:

Find out how easy installing tire chains on your own can be.

Here are prudent tips for using tire chains.
While chains can make a vast improvement in traction during adverse conditions, always remember to adjust driving speed and style according to conditions. Adhere to maximum speed specified by the chain manufacturer. Chains on all four wheels provide the ultimate in traction but, if you only use two, be certain to install them on the drive wheels.

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Installing tire chains: here’s why you should learn how.

Properly installed chains can nearly double your vehicle's traction on snow and ice. Practicing at home while the weather is nice can prepare you to install chains during even the most adverse weather conditions.

Determine whether your vehicle is front wheel or rear wheel drive. Then consult with an Advance Auto Parts representative for the best tire chains for your vehicle and tire size. Browse through the complete line of quality auto parts.

What you will need when installing tire chains:

  • Chains, specific to your tire size
  • Gloves
  • Wheel chocks

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for tire chain installation:

Estimated time required - 15 - 30 Minutes

Tire chain installation that you can perform on your own – and save money in the process:

Chain requirements and laws differ by both state and routes traveled. Always check before traveling. Consult your vehicle's owner's manual for any special instructions as they pertain to your vehicle.

There are different types of chains available depending on your vehicle and tire size. Here are two types of chains.

  1. The first step is to lay out the chains in front of both tires. Make sure you have the inside surface of the tire chain facing up so it can be fastened around the tire.
  2. Slowly drive the vehicle so that the tires are not quite centered in the length of the chains. Set the emergency brake and block free wheels for safety.
  3. Wrap the longer end of the tire chain around the top of the tire making sure the chain is centered on the tread width.
  4. Reach around the rear of the tire and first tighten the inboard hook. Clamp the chains as snug as possible. Wear heavy gloves to imulate an install in cold conditions.
  5. Next clamp and secure the outboard hook as tightly as you can. Snug chains will not only last longer; they will also work better.
  6. Install the tighteners as a final step to take up any remaining slack in the chains. Drive carefully!

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