Thread inserts:

Restore your car’s damaged threads with thread repair kits.

Thread inserts: how to restore damaged threads to better than new condition.
If your threads are not completely destroyed, you can try "chasing" the threads with a thread chasing tap. This may realign the threads so that the bolt can be threaded in place. A thread chaser is essentially a slightly undersized tap that will clean threads without removing any metal.

When thread damage is too severe to be saved with a thread chaser, you can completely restore the threads with new coil-type thread inserts. They will provide a completely new threaded hole (with strong steel threads) that accepts the original size bolt. They are installed by drilling the damaged thread hole slightly oversize, tapping it with a larger tap, and screwing in the new thread insert coil.

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Why you should install thread repair inserts:
Virtually everything on your vehicle is held together with nuts and bolts. Whenever you unbolt something and put it back together, you stand a chance of stripping or cross-threading the threads.

Most threads can be repaired with thread inserts that actually make the threads stronger than those found in aluminum or cast iron parts. If you don’t correctly repair damaged threads, you will not be able to properly tighten the fastener, and the connection will fail over time.

What you will need for thread inserts repair:

Thread repair inserts do-it-yourself difficulty guide:

Estimated time required -- 30 Minutes

Install your own thread inserts and save.

You can easily repair damaged threads with a coil-type thread insert kit, an electric drill and a few hand tools.

  1. Here is a stripped out bolt hole in an engine block. The bolt felt spongy when being torqued then finally let go. It can be repaired with a thread insert kit.
  2. Advance Auto Parts has thread repair kits in several sizes. They contain a tap, a supply of thread inserts and a tool for screwing the inserts into the bolt holes.
  3. First drill the bolt hole oversized for the tap. The drill size is listed on the package. Here a drill block is used to keep the newly drilled hole straight.
  4. Use the drill block to guide the tap. Be sure to keep the tap coated with cutting oil and to continually back the tap up to clear the metal chips.
  5. Screw the thread insert all the way onto the installation tool. The tab on the bottom of the thread insert should be engaged on the end of the tool.
  6. Coat the thread insert with a thread locking compound and screw it into the newly tapped threads until it is flush with the sealing surface.
  7. The finished thread repair is actually stronger than the original threads. The head bolt will be steel against steel (instead of steel against cast iron(.
  8. If you have to remove a bolt that’s broken off, drill the center of the bolt and use a bolt extractor. Bolt extractors come in many sizes and shapes.

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