Mobile streaming video:

Here's how to install your own mobile video system.

Mobile entertainment system: make car trips more enjoyable with mobile streaming video.

Like everything else electronic, the price of a mobile entertainment system drops with each new generation of equipment. Soon these systems will be as common as air conditioning in new vehicles.

Upgrading your existing vehicle is not as difficult or as expensive as you might think. You could end up with a mobile video system far superior to what's available from the car dealer. The key to selecting the right mobile video system for you is to choose the one that fits your vehicle. Decide what type of screen is best (overhead, headrest or console), then what features you want (DVD, VCR or TV).

Installation is a big job. You may want to have your mobile streaming video unit professionally installed.

Why you should consider a mobile streaming video system:

Nothing makes a trip more tedious than kids that are bored and have turned to irritating each other (and you) to relieve their boredom.

A mobile video system is a great way to keep them entertained with movies on DVD, their favorite video games and even local TV channels. Many new vehicles are available with video systems and there are many aftermarket systems available for existing vehicles.

Installing a mobile entertainment system; here's what you'll need:

Mobile steaming video system do-it-yourself difficulty guide:


Estimated time required -- 8 Hours

Install your own mobile video system and save. Here's how.

There are several places in your vehicle to locate the video screen(s). Overhead, consoles and headrests are the most popular. Decide your screen location before purchase.

  1. Headrest screens work well for many vehicles. Using the template provided, mark and cut out upholstery with a sharp, single-edge razor blade.
  2. Video screen power cable is run through the headrest next to the support tube. The cable will also follow the tube through the seat back.
  3. The video screen frame is fastened to the headrest with tie wraps looped around headrest supports. They are pulled tight until the frame is flush with upholstery.
  4. Here the headrest is ready to accept the video screen. Simply plug in the power connection and snap the screen in place. It's fairly simple.
  5. The finished screen installation looks factory installed. Note the power cord position next to the support tube. Screens rotate in frames for the best viewing angle.
  6. Many mobile streaming video systems use a wireless remote control system. This one was installed in the overhead console. All you do is point and click the remote.
  7. The VCR and TV receivers are typically located under the rear seats in trucks and SUVs. Many shops will install these in the consoles if room permits.

Nothing beats your own personal video screen placed directly in front of your face. Picture quality combined with your vehicle's stereo sound system is spectacular!

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