Remanufactured engines:

Here’s why you should consider a replacement engine.

Remanufactured engines: if your engine needs a rebuild, a replacement engine may be the best solution.

Why should you install a remanufactured engine instead of rebuilding the one that’s already in your vehicle? There are several good reasons.

A engine that’s been remanufactured may cost less than purchasing the necessary parts separately. Plus, the rebuild process is time-consuming and could put your vehicle out of commission longer than you’d like. Most remanufactured engines are built by specialists that rebuild engines every day and stand behind their work.

Consult with your Advance Auto Parts Team Member. They are trained to help you find the replacement engine that’s right for you. Plus, we carry a complete line of quality auto parts, including what you need.

Why you should consider a remanufactured engine:

If your engine is acting tired, it may make better financial sense to install a replacement engine instead of purchasing a new vehicle. However, driving your vehicle until the engine quits is not a good plan. It may leave you stranded when you can least afford it, and emergency repairs will cost more than if you had the time to shop for the best engine and repair facility to fill your needs.

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for installing a remanufactured engine:


Selecting a remanufactured engine: save money by doing it yourself!

Remanufactured engines are available from basic rebuilds to high performance upgrades. Ask your Advance Auto Parts Team Member which is right for you.

  1. There’s a variety of replacement engines available, even including engines as wild as this Viper V10. If upgrading, find a good match for your vehicle and application.
  2. Before you purchase, find out exactly what is included with your remanufactured engine. Also, research whether it comes with a warranty and what is covered.
  3. Installing a new engine is the perfect time to upgrade for more performance. Many companies specialize in high performance remanufactured engines. Evaluate them based on power-per-dollar and features.
  4. If you are towing, consider a larger engine. For example, a typical Chevy 350 is available as a 383- or 406- cubic inch replacement engine that has considerably more pulling power.
  5. Most remanufactured engines require that you use many of your existing parts such as the intake and exhaust manifolds. Make sure that your old components will fit the new engine or make plans to buy new ones.
  6. Many remanufactured engines are sold on a core exchange basis, so make arrangements to return your old engine. This could be a big expense if you don’t plan ahead.
  7. Some remanufactured engine suppliers will dyno-test your replacement engine before you install it. It’s a great way to check for any problems, but adds about $500 to the price.

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