Auto suspension:

How to improve your car suspension on your own and save.

Auto suspension: why you should improve your vehicle’s auto suspension -- and how to do it yourself.

Good handling is essential for safe driving. Also know that conventional wisdom is often wrong.

Many subscribe to an incorrect theory: the stiffer, the better. But the secret for good handling is: as soft as possible, as firm as necessary. Too stiff can make your vehicle handle worse than a car suspension that is too soft, especially on rough roads. Your car suspension must be compliant enough to allow your tires to follow the surface of the pavement for maximum traction and cornering power.

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Why you should improve your car suspension now:

You may never know how well your vehicle handles until it’s too late. Accident avoidance usually puts a vehicle’s handling to the extreme test.

Preparing your vehicle for these emergency maneuvers may be the difference between going off the road and maintaining control. Improving handling is easy with today’s automotive suspension technologies, and it allows you to drive with greater security and confidence. Don't wait for an accident or a close call before you upgrade your car suspension.

How to improve car suspension on your own -- and save:

Before jumping in with advanced automotive suspension technologies, high-mileage cars may need some basic maintenance first. The world's best tires and suspension pieces are useless if they're connected to worn-out tie rod ends, ball joints, steering racks and urethane bushings.

  1. One step at a time: modifying your auto suspension is like playing with a Rubik’s Cube; an improvement in one area may accentuate a weakness in another. That’s especially so with new automotive suspension technologies.
  2. Tires: for improved handling feel and additional grip, a tire upgrade may be all that’s needed. Select a high-performance tire and consider an ultra-high- or max performance tire.
  3. Consider larger wheels and tires in Plus One or Plus Two sizes. Shorter sidewalls and a larger tire contact patch on the road will provide more responsive handling.
  4. Shocks: the next step is a set of slightly firmer or, preferably, adjustable shock absorbers. The combination of performance rubber and new premium shocks may be all you need.
  5. Urethane bushings: before upgrading to new anti sway bars, try installing urethane bushings on your bar’s endlinks. They will make your vehicle more responsive in the corners.
  6. Anti sway bars: larger anti sway bars will reduce body lean in the corners. Anti sway bars are also suspension tuning devices: a stiffer bar reduces traction on that end of the car. Don't go too stiff with the rear bar!

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