How to stop rust:

Learn from these helpful car rust prevention tips.

How to stop rust: discover how to stop rust before -- and after -- it starts.

Preventing rust is far easier than removing it. Repairing rust damage once it starts is often an expensive and painstaking operation. Modern vehicles come equipped from the factory with excellent rust protection.

The absolute best way to keep rust from starting is to get the road salt off your vehicle. Don’t wait until spring to find the only thing holding your vehicle together was the ice!

If rust has already started, today's rust encapsulator products actually encase the rust in an impervious coating -- stopping it in its tracks. Besides carrying a complete line of quality auto parts, Advance Auto Parts has the latest in car rust removal and car rust preventative products.

Why car rust prevention is so important:

Once rust starts, it’s hard to stop. Rust is oxidation. Over time, rust can reduce your vehicle to a crumbling pile of red oxide. Road salt accelerates this process, but keeping your vehicle clean will help prevent rust.

Remove or encapsulate rust if it's already started, to prevent further damage. If you drive in severe winter conditions regularly, take the time to rinse off your vehicle weekly to prevent rust from getting started.

What you will need to promote car rust prevention:

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for car rust prevention:

Estimated time required - 15 Minutes - 1 Hour

Car rust prevention: how to stop rust. Do it yourself & save!

A major cause of rust is road salt. The salt melts ice, but also carries moisture into the nooks and crannies of your car. Cleaning off the salt will help prevent rust. Remove or stop existing rust immediately.

  1. Clean and wax your vehicle regularly. Cleaning will remove road salt from your vehicle, and wax will protect it against contaminants.
  2. Rinse the underside of your vehicle to flush away road salt. The more you clean, the less chance rust will have to start.
  3. Clean any areas that might gather leaves, dirt or debris. Anything that might trap moisture should be cleaned. Once moisture becomes trapped, rust will soon follow.
  4. Unclog any drain holes in the frame, body panels, doors and any other area of the vehicle.
  5. Open the doors after you wash your vehicle and wipe the water from the door posts. This allows water to completely drain out and not become trapped.

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