Car tire rotation:

Learn how to rotate tires the right way with this guide.

Car tire rotation: discover how to perform a proper tire rotation – and why it’s important.

A proper tire rotation means you are changing where the individual tires are mounted on the vehicle.

Let's assume you have a front wheel drive car with all four tires the same size. Each tire will carry a different load. The front tires will carry more than 60 percent of the car's weight. They are also responsible for putting the power of the engine to the road, and for all of the steering. Finally, they are responsible for about 80 percent of the braking.

It stands to reason that the front tires will wear much more quickly than the rear tires. If your tires are not rotated, they will wear out at different rates.

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Why you should complete a car tire rotation every 5,000 miles:

Tires are one of the most expensive replacement items on your vehicle and, if you have high performance tires, they can cost several hundred dollars apiece.

To get the most mileage (and value) out of your tires, you want them to wear evenly. Front tires develop different wear patterns from rear tires, and right side tires suffer more abuse than lefts so, if you don’t rotate your tires, they will wear out much quicker than if you did.

What you will need for a proper tire rotation:

Car tire rotation do-it-yourself difficulty guide:


Estimated time required - 1 Hour

How to rotate tires: save money by doing it yourself. Here’s how.

Many high-performance tires have directional tread designs. Consult your owner’s manual to get the correct rotation sequence. Then follow these instructions on how to rotate tires the right way.

  1. In order to rotate your tires you need to get all four wheels off the ground. Loosen lug nuts slightly first. Be sure to use the proper jack and stands.
  2. Raise the vehicle off the ground just high enough to remove the wheels and tires. It will make lifting them on and off the wheel studs much easier.
  3. It is important to place the support jack stands in the proper location. Consult your owner’s manual for jacking instructions.
  4. Remove all four tires and move them one at a time to their new position on the vehicle.
  5. Use this pattern for rotation.
  6. One of the best reasons to rotate your own tires is you can clean off brake dust buildup that can cause pitting on the backside of your rims.
  7. Do not forget to tighten your wheels to the proper torque spec in your owner’s manual with a torque wrench. This SUV called for 145 lbs.

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