How to jump start a car battery:

Find out how to safely jump start a car.

How to jump start a car battery -- the correct way.
Dead car batteries are an unfortunate part of the driving experience. It's something that has happened to all of us. You come out of the movies only to realize that you left your lights on. Your battery has run out of juice.

Extreme cold, improper care or simply age can also cause car batteries to quit when you least expect it. When you're stranded with a dead battery, waiting 45 minutes to an hour for road service might not be what you had in mind.

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Dead car batteries can be dangerous to start if you don’t take the right precautions.
If your battery is dead, your car won’t start. Using jumper cables or a portable starter are easy ways to get going again.

However, while jump starting is an easy procedure, certain steps must be followed. Explosion and electrical system damage could occur if jump starting is done incorrectly.

What you will need to jump start a car battery:

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide to jump start a car battery:

Estimated time required - 5 Minutes

See how to jump start a car battery safely. Closely follow these step-by-step directions

Take a good look at both car batteries before proceeding. Find the red positive (+) terminal. Locate a safe area to ground the negative cable on the dead vehicle.

  1. Connect one of the red positive (+) jumper cable clamps to the dead battery's red positive (+) post.
  2. Connect the other red positive (+) jumper cable clamp to the good battery's red positive (+) post.
  3. Connect the negative black (-) clamp on that same end of the jumper cables to the black negative (-) post of the good battery.
  4. Important! Connect the other negative black cable to a clean unpainted metal surface under the disabled vehicle's hood. DO NOT connect to the negative post of the dead battery. Explosion could result.
  5. Start the good vehicle. Allow to run for five minutes with jumper cables connected. Attempt to start the disabled vehicle. Move the negative cable clamp for better contact if required.
  6. Portable jump starter units are becoming very popular and can be carried with the vehicle in case of battery failure. Connect to the dead battery using steps 1 and 4.

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