Clean auto wheels:

Why you should clean your auto wheels – and how to perform this easy job on your own.

Choose a high quality liquid auto wheel cleaner that sprays on and rinses off. Be sure the cleaner you choose is compatible for use with your particular type of wheel.

Some wheel cleaners have a strong acid content that will damage painted or clear-coated wheels. By the time you realize your wheels are clear coated, it may be too late. If you're not sure, choose one formulated for use with all types of wheels.

Also, never spray the cleaner on a hot surface. It's best to do it in the shade to prevent the cleaner from staining the wheel.
Advance Auto Parts carries a wide variety of car wheel cleaners, specialized brushes and tire dressings to make the job easier – plus, a whole line of quality auto parts for your other do-it-yourself jobs.

Why you should use the best wheel cleaner possible:
Given a few weeks without cleaning and care, wheels and tires quickly start to deteriorate. Alloy wheels with a bright finish look especially bad up front where brake dust rapidly accumulates. Tire sidewalls also degrade with age. This process speeds up due to air pollution, road salt, heat and humidity.
You may be getting your tires clean by scrubbing with harsh detergents, but you're also taking out the tire's moisture and promoting the deterioration you want to avoid.

What you’ll need for cleaning your auto wheels:

  • Spray-on liquid auto wheel cleaner
  • Specialized car wheel brushes
  • Car wash
  • Tire dressing
  • Terry towels
  • Bucket

Car wheel cleaning do-it-yourself difficulty guide:

Estimated time required - 30 Minutes

How to easily clean your auto wheels by yourself – and save:

You'll need a good quality auto wheel cleaner, special car wheel brushes, tire brush and tire dressing. If you've got intricate wheels, you may need a small toothbrush to complete the job.

  1. These are the basics you will need to scrub your wheels. You will also need the correct spray auto wheel cleaner for your wheel type.
  2. Begin by spraying the entire car wheel with the cleaner and let it soak for a few minutes. Make sure the wheel is cool and not in direct sunlight.
  3. When you see the cleaner starting to dissolve the brake dust, take your brushes and go to work. As soon as you are through scrubbing rinse with clean water.
  4. Next, clean your tire sidewalls with a stiff bristle brush and regular car wash. Stains can be stubborn, so use a little "elbow" grease.
  5. Dry the tire sidewalls and apply a good tire dressing with a moistened sponge. This method keeps the tire dressing off of your clean auto wheels.


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