Truck and car headlights:

Got questions about headlights? We have answers!

Here are answers to three of the most commonly asked questions about truck and car headlights:

What are halogen headlights?

Halogen headlights use a tungsten-halogen filament mixed with halogen gas to generate a much brighter light than conventional headlights.

Why are halogen lights so bright?

Halogen lights produce more light because they have a thinner filament. Halogen gas keeps the filament from melting.

Are all halogen headlights alike?

No. Halogen lights can emit either white or blue beams. Generally speaking, the whiter the beam, the brighter the light.

The right product makes all the difference. Get the right miniature halogen headlights for your car!

Today's headlights vary based on brightness and color temperature, also called whiteness. An increase in brightness improves night-driving vision, and helps other drivers to see you better.

Truck and car headlights with a whiter color temperature emit a beam that more closely resembles natural light. Besides brightness, increased whiteness has also been shown to improve driver visibility – and your visibility to other drivers.

Is it hard to change truck or car headlights?

The thought of changing a headlight can be stressful, but don’t worry; replacing headlights is easier than it looks. Many simply plug in and you're ready to go.

Two primary configurations of headlights

Sealed Beams:
- on cars 10 years old and older
- mount directly to the front of the car
- seldom used today except on some large trucks and SUVs

- on most newer cars
- plug into the car’s headlight socket assembly
- simple to replace

Here’s how to decide which type of car headlights are right for you:

The three main factors in selecting truck and car headlights are brightness, whiteness (or color temperature), and price. Sylvania Silverstar headlights are the brightest and whitest halogen lights available, providing the best vision and appearance for your money.


Type of Halogen lights





6X brighter than sealed beam




Better lateral visibility




Distinctively modern look




Better down-road visibility


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