Auto body dent repair:

Save money by tackling your own car dent repairs.

With a little patience, most minor auto body dent repair jobs can be done in your own driveway.
Advance Auto Parts has everything that you need for do-it-yourself auto body dent repair, along with a full line of quality auto parts. For a small dent repair where the metal and paint is not creased, all you may need is a firm push from the palm of your hand to return the metal to its original shape.

More common damage, such as creases and scrapes, may require body filler and spot painting, which is no more difficult than repairing a hole in the wall of your house. The best advice is to tackle the small jobs first -- like minor car dent repairs -- then move on to the larger ones after you have practiced your body repair skills.

Why you should take care of your vehicle’s bodywork by completing car dent repairs:
Nothing looks worse than body damage that hasn’t been repaired. It reflects poorly on you and takes the fun out of driving.

However, professional body repairs are extremely expensive -- sometimes even for a small dent repair -- and many times your vehicle just isn’t worth the investment. Most drivers can successfully repair minor body damage and rust if they are willing to put in the time and effort.

What you’ll need to address car dent repairs, creases and scrapes:

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for car dent repairs:


How to complete an auto body dent repair -- and related jobs -- on your own:

Many of the auto body dent repair techniques shown here are fairly easy to understand. We recommend getting a book on bodywork that details the processes before starting any repair, even a small dent repair.

  • These suction cups and bridge devices are perfect for popping out shallow dents. If the paint is not scraped, the vehicle may not even need touch-up paint.
  • The tools most often used by professionals are a "dinging" hammer and backup dolly. Use care, as you can do more damage than good with these.
  • A good way to pull a dent, if you cannot bump it from behind, is to use a suction cup. Lightly tap around the dent’s edges while you pull.
  • When the damage has creased the metal, bump out the dent from behind as much as possible, and fill the remaining dent with body filler. Follow the instructions on the can.
  • Before applying body filler, you must grind the area to bare metal. Use an 80-grit sanding disc. It removes paint fast and provides a rough surface for good adhesion.
  • Mix the body filler according to the directions. Using a quality spreader, smooth out the filler as much as possible. This will save a lot of filing and sanding.
  • Use a sure-form file to smooth the body panel to the approximate shape. Make your strokes with the file on an angle (in both directions).
  • Finish smoothing the repair with a flexible sanding block and 80-grit sand paper. Prime the area and reblock with 320-grit. Finish with 500-grit, then paint.

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