Car interior accessories:

Spice up your ride with cool car interior accessories.

Billet trim pieces are a quick way to personalize and liven up your interior. Whether you choose shifter knobs, dash appliqués or more-intense billet gauge faces, you can have your interior looking like a million bucks in a Saturday afternoon.

Many of these parts simply screw on in place of the factory components. Others use double-stick tape and literally press into place. Ask your Advance Auto Parts Team Member about the interior billet trim options for your car – and remember that Advance Auto carries a wide selection of quality auto parts, too.

Why you should invest in car interior accessories:
Americans are obsessed with personalizing their vehicles. Since you probably spend more time behind the wheel of your car than admiring it from afar, why not add some sparkle to your daily driving experience?

Many companies now offer billet-aluminum interior accents either individually or as complete kits. Installing these solid metal pieces is kind of like adding jewelry to your interior.

Advance Auto Parts has the accents you need to create a one-of-a-kind cockpit that really shines. Be sure to pick up an Advance Auto Parts Service maintenance schedule for information on other important car care projects.

Sprucing up car interiors; here’s all you need:

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for upgrading car interiors:

Estimated time required - 1 - 6 Hours

Add interior billet trim to car interiors: do it yourself & shine!

Most billet accents can be installed by the enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer. However, some billet upgrades such as stick-shifters might be better left to a professional installer.

  1. This truck's owner has already painted selected trim pieces in red. Billet accents will really bring it to life.
  2. Dressing up your door panels is easy. Just remove the stock pieces and screw on the billet parts.
  3. HVAC controls are one of the most popular billet upgrades. They usually attach to the factory holes and simply replace the stock components.
  4. On some vehicles, replacing the HVAC controls is more involved than on others. The job for this truck requires reusing the stock inner mounting sleeves and inserting them into the billet knobs.
  5. This HVAC upgrade ends by pressing on the billet knobs and applying the kit's billet faceplate.


Billet gauge faces add a classy touch to your car interiors. They're more difficult to install than some other upgrades. For one, the stock gauge needles must be transplanted to the new faces.

Come to Advance Auto Parts for cool car interior accessories along with a full line of quality auto parts.