Clay bar kits:

Unlock the secret to the best shine possible for your car.

Clay bar kits: this car polishing technique allows you to safely deep clean your vehicle’s finish.
Automotive paint clay is a very special grade of fine clay, not unlike modeling clays. Used by car care pros for ages, and a back door secret of the car care industry, insiders have brought the bar and its effectiveness to the public.

Used with a lubricating spray (often a detailing spray) that allows the otherwise super-tacky clay to glide without marring the paint itself, automotive clay can be the tool to step from "just washed" to "ready to polish and wax."

Advance Auto Parts carries automotive paint clay kits that provide you with the necessary lubricant and enough clay to do several vehicles -- along with a full line of quality auto parts for other do-it-yourself jobs.

When should you use clay bar kits?
If your vehicle spends much time outside, it probably has debris embedded in the top layers of paint that will not come off with normal washing and waxing. The best way to check is to run your fingers over the surface right after washing; if it feels rough, your vehicle needs an automotive clay treatment.

You could use polish or fine rubbing compound, but that also removes paint, and today’s top clear coats are already too thin.

What you will need for clay bar polishing:

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for clay bar polishing:

Estimated time required - 2 -3 Hours

How to correctly use clay bar kits for your car polishing technique: save money by tackling the job on your own.

Clay detailing kits can also be used to clean hard plastic surfaces, trim, chrome and water-stained rubber. Properly lubricated, the clay works wonders on these surfaces.

  1. After washing and drying your vehicle, spray a section of the paint with the liquid detailer. You need to use enough so that the clay slides easily over the finish.
  2. Use a piece of clay the size of a business card. Constantly fold the clay over to keep debris from scratching the surface.
  3. Gently rub the paint surface until you no longer hear noise from the rough surface and the clay glides smoothly. Be sure to keep the area wet with detailer.
  4. Dry the area that you "clayed" with a cotton terry towel, then run your fingertips over the surface. If it is smooth, you are finished. If not, reuse the bar.

The bar will remove any wax on your vehicle. After using the bar, wax your vehicle with a premium wax from Advance Auto Parts. Step back and admire.

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