Auto seat covers:

Here’s what you need to know about car seat covers.

Auto seat covers: why you should change your automotive seat covers -- and how to do it yourself.
Along with having a complete selection of quality auto parts, Advance Auto Parts carries a wide variety of automotive seat covers.

"Universal-fit" car seat covers are designed to cover a variety of applications and are available in a wide selection of designs, colors and fabrics. "Custom fit" and "special order" auto seat covers are tailored specifically for your vehicle and come in an assortment of colors and fabrics, ranging in price to meet every consumer’s needs.

Why you should install new car seat covers:

Auto seat covers are purchased for several reasons:

  1. Consumers love to express themselves through fun and fashion.
  2. They also use them for functional and aesthetic reasons, by protecting new seats and covering soiled old ones.
  3. Automotive seat covers also add comfort and extra padding to worn out seats.

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for putting on car seat covers:

Estimated time required - 15 - 20 Minutes

Here’s some helpful information about installing auto seat covers.

  1. Buyers can choose from a variety of colors and fabrics, such as these Chevy® and NX™ Racing Seat Covers.
  2. If you have low back bucket seats, headrest covers are included.
  3. Slip the car seat cover over the seat, making sure that the car seat cover is aligned properly before securing any of the attachments.
  4. Push flaps/loops through the seat crevice, then thread the stretch cords located on the sides of the cover through the grommets/loops to the bottom.
  5. Pass the stretch cords under the seat and attach them to the loops at the center of the car seat cover.

Come to Advance Auto Parts for durable, attractive automotive seat covers -- and a full selection of quality auto parts.