Car trim repairs:

Learn about refurbishing faded black plastic car trim.

Automotive trim repair: why you should refresh the trim on your car -- and how to it yourself.
Everyone who has a black bumper cover has watched it fade over time. Oxidation and paint care products that are inadvertently applied onto the black surface accelerate this graying.

Refurbishing faded black plastic car trim may seem like an impossible job. But, a variety of car care products are available to restore and protect painted finishes against the effects of oxidation, ozone and other atmospheric contaminants.

However, waxes and polishes can actually create problems when they’re applied to plastic bumper covers and other non-metal trim pieces. Trim renewal products are formulated to cut through errant wax and other surface contaminants. Stop by Advance Auto Parts for products for your car trim repairs.

Car trim repairs: why you should refresh your vehicle’s trim periodically.

Oxidation, ozone, atmospheric contaminants and errant wax application can all take a toll on your vehicle’s black plastic bumper covers and other non-metal trim pieces. You can restore the deep color and luster with automotive trim repair/ renewal products that will help protect against degradation caused by sun, smog, acid rain, chemicals and contaminants.

What you will need for car trim repairs:

  • Terry or cotton buffing cloth
  • Trim renewal/rubber-vinyl renewal product
  • Round cotton/terry applicator

Automotive trim repair do-it-yourself difficulty guide:

Estimated time required - 20 - 30 Minutes

Refurbishing faded black plastic car trim on your own? Here’s what to do.

Many of these trim dressings will also work on non-black parts. Any vinyl, rubber, plastic or other flat-finished exterior trim piece can benefit from their application. Candidates include side moldings, louvers, wiper arms and window trim.

  1. Required materials: Trim renewal/rubber-vinyl restorer product, a round cotton/terry applicator (which can be cut in half to better apply product to irregular trim contours) and a buffing cloth.
  2. Shake the product well, then pour it onto the applicator. The cotton or terry applicator pad buffs the surface and promotes even application.
  3. Working in the shade, apply the trim dressing liberally to a cool surface, massage it thoroughly into the surface and allow it to soak in for a few minutes.
  4. Buff the trim piece to a high gloss with a clean terry or cotton cloth. Streaks might require aggressive buffing or even a repeat application.
  5. Window trim is another likely candidate for revival, as are wiper arms. Do not apply the dressing to the wiper blade material.
  6. Although black has the most dramatic results, flat-finished parts of any color can also be revived and restored. Regular product application maintains and protects the surface.

When refurbishing faded black plastic car trim, visit Advance Auto Parts for the products you need -- along with a full selection of quality auto parts.