Car paint scratch repair:

Find out the right way to use car touch up paint.

Here’s why you should fix scratches in car paint.
Unless your driving habits keep you away from the public at large, sooner or later your pride and joy will acquire scratches. Face it, we’re obsessed with appearance. Still, many people choose to live with scratches.

Big mistake.

The vehicle body is no different from human skin. When it’s exposed to the elements and left unprotected, it will start to deteriorate (except for fiberglass or plastic panels which will just look bad).

Prompt car paint repair can restore appearance and reduce restoration expenses. Advance Auto Parts carries a full line of car touch up paint and car paint scratch repair kits. Plus, don’t forget about our complete selection of quality auto parts.

Why you should make car paint scratch repair a priority:

Today, a myriad of new products promise easy and low-cost car paint scratch repair, and some may be the perfect solution to your problem.

The irony is that if you repair a scratch right away, it’s comparatively no big deal, as far as time and expense goes. If you leave this opportunity open for oxidization to form on your sheet metal for any length of time, you’ll be astounded how quickly surface rust turns to body rot and how pricey it can be to repair.

Car paint repair -- what you’ll need for the job:

Car paint repair do-it-yourself difficulty guide:

Estimated time required - 3 - 6 Hours

How to fix scratches in car paint; do it on your own and save:

  1. Minor paint scratches like this one shown in the picture, can be repaired by completing the following steps.
  2. Check your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s color code. Then get the correct color of car touch up paint (usually a base/clear two-part system). You’ll also need wet/dry sandpaper, polishing compound and a terry cloth towel.
  3. Wash the damaged area. Use wax remover if necessary. Then sand the scratch or nick, feathering the edges to smooth transitions to the undamaged paint.
  4. If the nick goes to the bare metal, apply primer and wet-sand once the primer dries. Otherwise, dab on the color-matched paint as smoothly as possible.
  5. If the car touch up paint is a base/clear, apply the clear topcoat once the base has completely dried.
  6. When the clear coat has cured, wet-sand the repair smooth with the undamaged areas.
  7. Use a fine-grit polishing compound to smooth out any imperfections. Finally, wax the car to add a layer of protection.

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