Routine Maintenance

A little upkeep goes a long way. Polishing up your maintenance skills is an easy way to keep your car running right for years to come.

Auto belts: Discover how to properly inspect automotive belts and hoses.


Auto Glass Cleaner: Why it's important to choose the right car windshield cleaner - and how to get crystal-clear results


Car air filters: Discover how to easily change an auto air filter yourself.


Car Interior Accessories: Spice up your ride with cool car interior accessories.


Car tire rotation: Learn how to rotate tires the right way with this guide.


Car repair costs: Compare do-it-yourself auto repair costs to auto shop prices.


Car tune up: Here's why an auto tune up is important and how to perform one.


Clean Auto Wheels: Why you should clean your auto wheels – and how to perform this easy job on your own.


Fall vehicle maintenance checklist: Get your car ready for fall and winter.


How to Aim Headlights: Why you should aim your car headlights - and how to do it yourself.


Leather Car Upholstery: Handy tips for cleaning leather car upholstery.


Maintenance Schedules: Why you should use a car maintenance checklist.


Motor oil specifications: find out what you need to know about oil specs.


Oil Change Instructions: discover how to do your own oil changes here.


How to Replace Windshield Wiper Blades: do it yourself!


Spring vehicle maintenance checklist: Act now before car trouble strikes.


Serpentine belt replacement: Use this thorough guide and do it yourself now.


Spark plug wires: Discover how to change them on your own and save money.


Tire Pressure: Learn how to maintain your recommended tire pressure.


Tire Sizes: Learn all about tire sizing before you buy!.


Tire Treadwear Warranties: Important info about your tire warranty.


Vehicle maintenance checklist: Complete this for a safer, smoother trip.


Vehicle maintenance checklist: Get prepared for summer and winter driving.


Vehicle maintenance checklist: Prepare your car for summer driving today.


Winter vehicle maintenance checklist: Prepare your vehicle for winter today.