Car jack stands:

Learn to safely raise a vehicle with an auto jack stand.

Car jack stands: how to use car jack stands to safely lift your vehicle.
Ramps or floor jacks are the best ways to raise a vehicle.

A bottle jack or your vehicle’s jack should never be relied upon for support if someone must work beneath the vehicle. Similarly, bottle jacks are unstable and can easily slip.

Always position a floor jack beneath the vehicle frame or suspension, or at the manufacturer's recommended jacking points. Once raised, use jacks for supplemental support. Never use cinder blocks or milk crates for support. Wheel chocks are also recommended for any wheels still on the ground.

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Why it’s essential you use an auto jack stand properly:
Jack safety is critically important to preventing serious injury or death when it is necessary to work beneath your vehicle. Failure to observe jack safety can result in the vehicle falling, pinning you or someone else beneath it.

Proper jacking techniques and support stands are critical for your safety. Never skip safety requirements when raising a vehicle to work beneath it.

Auto jack stand safety -- what you’ll need:

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for raising a vehicle with a jack stand:

Estimated time required - 15 Minutes

Here’s how to use an auto jack stand safely on your own:

Always position your vehicle on a level surface (preferably pavement or concrete) before jacking.

  1. Wheel ramps are a safe and easy way to raise one end of a vehicle.
  2. Always chock (block) any wheels remaining on the ground if only one end of the vehicle is raised.
  3. Repeat jacking procedure for the other side of the vehicle, if required. Slowly lower the car onto the jacks.
  4. Position car jack stands where they can't slip or allow the vehicle to slip or rock. Never use jacks on dirt where they can sink in.
  5. Position a floor jack under the frame, crossmember or manufacturer recommended jacking point when jacking. Once positioned, jack the vehicle up.

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