Ignition systems

Discover how to get more fire from your automotive ignition system..

Performance is not only about rocketing away from a stoplight. Towing, stop-and-go driving, and driving in extreme weather conditions all require a higher level of performance. Upgrading the performance of your automotive ignition system will make it easier to drive, increase power and yield better mileage.

The first order of business is to upgrade your spark plugs to the platinum or the new iridium plugs. They take less voltage to fire and last much longer than standard plugs. Advance Auto Parts sells several styles of spark plugs and wires and ignition amplifiers that can provide a 30-percent hotter spark, along with a full line of other quality auto parts.
Why you should upgrade your automotive ignition system for more spark power:
Properly maintained, a factory ignition system is adequate for basic transportation vehicles. If you demand more from your vehicle, there are things you can do to increase performance and mileage. Ignition systems degrade with age and mileage resulting in lost power and economy.
Upgrading the spark plug wires and the plugs, and adding an aftermarket ignition amplifier will increase performance, especially with trucks or SUVs that are often loaded with equipment, trailers - or the kid's soccer team.
Upgrading ignition systems; here's what you'll need:

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for auto fluid replacement:

Estimated time required - 1-3 hours

Getting more spark from ignition systems: follow these tips when doing it on your own.

Ignition systems are relatively easy to upgrade, and Advance Auto Parts has the quality auto parts needed to do the job properly.

  1. Stepping up to higher quality automotive ignition system parts will usually result in a more powerful spark.
  2. When replacing spark plugs, make sure to set them at the proper gap. Check your repair manual or the specifications label attached to the underside of your hood for the proper gap.
  3. A bigger gap can provide a more powerful spark, but only if the ignition system can handle it. An inexpensive gapping tool (as shown) is available at Advance Auto Parts.
  4. An ignition amplifier will greatly increase the spark energy. Most of these amplifiers are easy to install.


Depending on the vehicle and how it is used, performance may be  gained by advancing the timing. However, this may require running premium gasoline. Check your repair manual before changing your engine's timing.

Head to Advance Auto Parts for the quality auto parts required when upgrading car ignitions - or for performing other vehicle maintenance jobs.