Engine & Fuel System

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. Handle it with care and it will treat you right for years to come. Here you'll find tips and information on what makes your system tick.

Auto filter: Here's all that you need to know about changing a fuel filter.


Auto Fluid Replacement: Here's why you should check your automotive fluids regularly as a part of proper vehicle maintenance.


Automotive Sensor: Discover more about your car sensors and how to replace them.


Best Motor Oil: Take care of your car by using the best motor oil for your driving habits.


Best Motor Oil: Got questions about motor oils? We have answers!


Car Air Filters: Forgotten Filters: Why you should take care of auto air filters, auto fuel filters and cabin air filters.


Car Distributor Cap: What exactly does a distributor cap do?


Car Tune up: Discover how to perform an engine tune up today and save money.


Engine Inspection: Why you should learn what to check under your vehicle's hood.



EGR valve: Discover why EGR valves are important and how to replace them.


Exhaust Headers: Why it's important to replace exhaust headers – and how to perform this task on your own.


Fuel Grades: Save money by knowing the differences in fuel octane levels.


How to change oxygen sensors: Follow this helpful step-by-step guide.


Ignition Systems: Discover how to get more fire from your automotive ignition system.


PCV Valves: Learn how to change your PCV valve and prevent trouble.


Remanufactured Engines: here’s why you should consider a replacement engine.


Synthetic Motor Oil vs. Regular Oil: which is best for your vehicle?


Timing Belt Replacement Guide: Understand the role timing belts play and discover how to install them on your own.