Brakes, Steering & Suspension

Maintaining your brakes, steering and suspension is an optimal way to ensure safety and reliability, not to mention a smoother ride.

Advance Essentials: Brake Basics


Automotive Coil Springs: Why you should change your car coil springs – and how to do it yourself.


Auto Suspension: Why you should understand auto suspension and handling – and how to check these yourself.


Auto Suspension: Your front end suspension plays a critical role in safety and handling.


Auto suspension: How to improve your car suspension on your own and save.


Car Noise: Learn about troubleshooting car noises with Advance Auto Parts.


Car Shocks: Why you should change your air shock absorbers – and how to do it on your own.


Car Struts: Find out what you should know about replacing auto struts.


Change Brake Rotors: When you should change brake rotors – and how to do it yourself!


Got questions about shocks and struts? We have answers!


How to change brake pads: Install your own brake pads and save money today.


How to Change Brake Fluid: Why conducting a brake fluid replacement is so important – and how to change brake fluid on your own!


How to Replace Brake Shoes: Why you should change your car brake shoes and how to do it yourself!


How to Remove Brake dust from wheels: See how with this step-by-step guide.


Shims: the unsung heroes of the braking system.


Tie rod end: Replace your tie rod ends with these instructions and save.


Troubleshooting Car Problems: How to use touch when car troubleshooting.


U Joint Replacement: Replacing U joints is a great Saturday afternoon project.


Understand Your Car Brake System: Discover how to help escape costly auto brake repair bills with regular inspections.


Wheel bearing replacement: Learn how to help prevent wheel bearing failure.


When is it Time to Go For That Brake Job? Brakes are vital. What signs indicate that they're wearing out?