Advance Essentials: Brake Basics

Part 4: Tools Needed

Vacuum Bleeding KitIf you’re bleeding a vehicle with ABS brakes, pedal bleeding can introduce air into the ABS valves. If that happens, you may have to take it to a shop to perform a scan tool bleed procedure. To reduce the likelihood of air intrusion, we recommend using a vacuum-bleeding tool.


Piston Retractor Tool and C-ClampStart your brake job by pushing the piston into the bore with a C-Clamp. But once you’ve removed the caliper, switch over to this piston retractor tool. It’s easier than using a C-clamp.



Brake Bleeder WrenchSure you can use an ordinary box end wrench to open the bleeders. But, a brake bleeder wrench is much longer than an ordinary box wrench, so you get extra leverage to coax open the bleeder screw. Getting one is easy and inexpensive. Can you afford not to have this pivotal piece in your toolbox?




Performing a basic, brake pad replacement is a great way to ensure that your car braking system is up to par—and that your family stays safe on road.

Always consult your owner's manual first. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure warranties are not voided.