Advance Essentials: Battery Basics

Part 3: Completing the job - additional parts you'll need


Battery Cleaning Spray

Batteries leak acid as they age and that acid can corrode your battery cables and terminals. Clean your battery with CRC Battery Cleaner spray


Spray the top of your battery with the cleaner spray. The yellow foam turns pink when it contacts battery acid. Wait for it to neutralize the acid, and wipe it off with paper towels.


Battery Cleaning Brush

Keeping battery cables clean is key to maintaining the best starting and charging performance. Once you’ve cleaned the top of the battery, remove each battery cable (disconnect the negative cable first and install it last). Then use this combo-wire brush to clean the terminal posts and the inside of the battery cable clamps. Then reassemble the battery cables and spray them with battery terminal protectant spray to prevent corrosion.


Battery Terminal Protectant Spray

After you’ve neutralized the battery acid and wire-brushed the terminals and cables, spray all the connections with CRC Battery Terminal Protectant. The spray prevents future corrosion and ensures the best electrical connection.


Side Terminal Wrench

If your battery has side terminals, you may not have enough clearance to use an ordinary ratchet and socket. Pick up this special, side terminal ratcheting wrench and remove the battery cables in a flash.

Car Battery Hold-Down Brackets

A loose battery is a dead battery. To prevent your car battery from shaking itself to death, replace broken and corroded battery base clamps and hold-down brackets. They’re inexpensive, easy to install and provide peace of mind that your battery will stay in place.

Caption 1: Install a new top-mount hold-down bracket with the included mounting hardware                              

Caption 2: Install a new bottom-mount hold-down bracket and bolt it in place.


New battery cables and terminal clamps

Corroded battery cables and terminal clamps can reduce the voltage going to the starter, and that can cause premature starter failure. So replace your battery terminal clamps at the first sign of corrosion. If you see green corrosion working its way into the copper cable, replace the entire cable.

Replace corroded clamps with color-coded replacements.

Replace corroded cables with a new cable assembly.


Connect a Car Battery Maintainer for Long-Term Storage

Batteries lose their charge when they sit. And that long-term discharge can permanently damage the plates. Don’t connect a car battery charger and leave it on full time. It’ll overcharge the battery. Instead, buy a different type of car battery charger called a battery maintainer. The maintainer tests the battery at regular intervals, charges it when needed and sits idle the rest of the time. That’s better for the battery than a traditional car battery trickle charger that never shuts down.

As you get more into this, you'll see that staying on top of your car battery replacement is fairly quick and painless, and in the long run, will save you time and money. Advance Auto Parts will test your car battery free of charge. If you do need a new car battery, we'll install it free with purchase and recycle your old one.*

*Car battery installation available on most automotive vehicles, at most locations, unless prohibited by law. Always consult your owner’s manual first. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure warranties are not voided




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