Advance Essentials: Battery Basics

Part 2: Car Battery Shopping Guide

What should you do when you discover you’ve got a dead car battery on your hands? First off, don't panic. Read on and we'll guide you through the process of shopping for the best car battery replacement.

Once on, enter your vehicle information on the site to find the right car battery size for your vehicle. Then, it's on to finding the best car battery for your particular needs. Rest assured, all of our Autocraft car batteries meet or exceed your vehicle's specifications. We recommend the Autocraft Gold or Gold-AGMcar battery because it’s the best car battery value you'll find. But if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll still get great performance from the Autocraft Silver car battery. If you want to see the actual specs, click on the “specifications” tab above each battery and compare the cold cranking amps (CCA). The CCA rating tells you how many amps the battery can deliver for 30 seconds at 0° F. It’s the best indicator of overall battery quality because it’s based on “worst case” conditions. You’ll also find a different (and usually higher) cranking amps (CA) rating. If you live in a warmer climate, you may be tempted to base your decision on that rating. But don't jump to conclusions. The CA rating is less meaningful because the test is far less stressful.

Next, consider the car battery warranty. The economy Autocraft car battery comes with a one-year warranty. If you’re on a budget and driving an older vehicle with a limited life expectancy, the economy version is your best choice. If your vehicle has many years of life left in it, step up to our Autocraft Silver car battery. It provides great value for older vehicles. The Autocraft Silver car battery comes with a two-year warranty. For late-model vehicles with lots of power accessories, it pays to spend a few extra bucks on an Autocraft Gold car battery. The Autocraft Gold car battery is simply the best in the business. We back it with a three-year, full-replacement warranty and an 84-month prorated warranty.

If you drive loudly and happen to have a mega-amp, super-powered sound system installed, then you need a battery that’s built just for that purpose. The Optima Red Top absorbed glass mat (AGM) car battery provides plenty of power to start your engine. Then it continues to pump out a steady supply of amps to power your sound system. Optima car batteries are built to take the frequent deep discharge/recharge cycles without going soft. They simply outperform a traditional, flooded lead-acid battery in this application. Optima car batteries also come with a three-year warranty.


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