Car air filters:

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Car air filters: got questions about auto air filters? We have answers!

What does an auto air filter do?

Your auto air filter removes pollutants from the air as it is drawn into your engine's air intake. This air is used in the combustion of fuel at a rate of 10,000 gallons of air to one gallon of gas.

At the same time, pollutants in the air consumed by your car can result in decreased engine performance, poor fuel economy and increased engine wear. These pollutants can make their way into your vehicle's fuel and engine oil if your air filter is not changed regularly.

Your engine gets its power from a mixture of fuel and air. The air filter traps dirt and contaminants, keeping the incoming air clean and improving engine performance.

How do auto air filters work?

Think of your vehicle as "breathing" air. If the auto air filter isn’t changed, your vehicle can’t operate properly. Would you want to run if you couldn’t breathe?

What will happen if I don’t change the auto air filter?

Besides damaging your engine, you’ll experience lower gas mileage and reduced engine performance, and you’ll contribute to air pollution.

How often does an auto air filter need to be changed?

Check your air filter every time you change your oil. Standard car air filters are good for about 7,500 miles, depending on driving conditions. Premium car air filters are made to last longer, even for the life of the vehicle.

Which air auto filter is right for me?

PUROLATOR Air Filters are excellent for operation under normal driving conditions. They:

  • meet or exceed all manufacturer specifications for car air filters
  • use high quality materials that are effective in capturing some of the smallest particles threatening your car

K&N Air Filters, Extended Life deliver a high-performance option for most vehicles. They:

  • provide increased protection for vehicles operating in highly polluted environments
  • use a unique oiled cotton material to provide superior filtration of pollutants
  • allow significantly increased airflow into the combustion chamber resulting in increased power and fuel economy
  • are washable and can be used for the life of your vehicle
  • result in significant savings over the life of your car

Quick guide to choosing the best auto air filter for you:

Auto air filters aren’t expensive, so make sure you select one that will fully protect your car. If you have any questions, consult your owner’s manual or ask an Advance Auto Parts Team Member. Advance Auto Parts carries PUROLATOR Air Filters and K&N Air Filters, Extended Life, along with a full selection of other quality auto parts.


Meets manufacturer standards

Use high-quality materials




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The right product makes all the difference. Auto air filters make your vehicle run more efficiently, so check your filter today.

For more information on how to use the products you've selected, be sure to stop by the Consumer Education display in the front of your Advance Auto Parts store. Also find more information online, in topics such as:

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