Car Air Filters

Forgotten Filters: Why you should take care of auto air filters, auto fuel filters and cabin air filters.

Replacing the filters in your vehicle is crucial to its continued smooth operation.

Both fuel mileage and engine performance can suffer from a dirty auto air filter. A clogged automotive fuel filter can prevent your engine from getting enough fuel during peak demand.

Sometimes your vehicle has filters where you least expect them. Many vehicles have cabin air filters even though the owner's manual does not state that they do. Most vehicles so equipped require cabin filter replacement as often as every 15,000 miles.

Advance Auto Parts has a vast selection quality auto parts, including filters – such as cabin air filters, auto fuel filters, and car air filters – to help keep your vehicle running clean and strong.

Why you should replace your automotive fuel filters and other filters at the recommended intervals.

Vehicles use different filters to clean fuel, air for the engine, and even the air you breathe. These filters must be changed at regular intervals to maintain proper operation of your vehicle's systems. A clogged air or fuel filter can cause poor engine performance. Dirty cabin filters can create musty odors inside your vehicle.
Don’t wait until filters become blocked to inspect and replace them.

What you will need to replace cabin air filters, auto fuel filters, and car air filters:

  • Cabin air filters
  • Auto fuel filters
  • Car air filters
  • Auto breather filter
  • PCV filters
  • Basic hand tools
  • Rags or towels

Do-It-Yourself difficulty guide for changing car air filters and other kinds of filters:

Exhaust header do-it-yourself difficulty level:

Estimated time required - 15 minutes - 1 Hour

Save money by replacing your car air filters and other types of filters yourself.

Filter locations, requirements, and configurations vary by vehicle type and manufacturer. Consult your vehicle's owners or repair manual for particular replacement intervals and procedures.

  1. The engine air filter keeps dirt from entering your engine. Inspect every 3 months, and change your air filters every 20K miles. For more information, consult the Air Filter, or HP Filters brochures.
  2. Some PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) systems have an easy to overlook auto breather filter. See the PCV Valve brochure for more info on positive crankcase ventilation.
  3. Many vehicles now have cabin air filters. Replace your cabin air filter if interior air smells musty or moldy. Do not attempt to clean and reuse cabin air filters.


Replace automotive fuel filters at least once a year. Clogged automotive fuel filters can restrict fuel flow and cause loss of engine performance. Refer to the Fuel filter brochure for more help.

For high quality auto parts on all of your vehicle maintenance, trust Advance Auto Parts!