Shims: unsung heroes of the braking system.

Brake shims don't get the same spotlight as the rotors, pads or other brake parts. Time to level the playing field.

Brake rotors get the glory as the main component in stopping a vehicle. Also stealing some of the limelight are the brake pads, the parts that clamp down on the brake rotors to stop the wheels. Visually, the brake caliper—the large cover that houses the brake pads and other vital parts—is an eye-catcher because you see it clamping over a portion of the rotor. Equally important in a vehicle’s braking system are the lesser-known brake shims. Shims are found on back of brake pads and play a variety of roles:

  • Provide a buffer zone between the pads and rotors to keep them from knocking against each other
  • Reduce vibration on the brake pad for quieter operation (if rubber shims are employed)
  • Function as a heat shield (if titanium shims are used) so brake calipers and fluids are protected against damage from excess heat
  • Help to eliminate brake dust

Prefer a brake shim that takes on the impressive features of both the rubber and the titanium shims? Then reach for Wearever Platinum Premium Ceramic Brake Pads. They feature our exclusive 4-layer SoundLock Plus shims composed of rubber, steel, rubber and adhesive. The adhesive layer not only locks the shim into place, but also dampens noise levels while braking. Combine that with the other high-performance features of Wearever Platinum brake pads and you can count on cleaner wheels and superior stopping power.

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